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Women on TV: The Power of the Collective

Many talk about the Power of the Collective, especially among women, but no one has taken it to the extreme like Women on TV and its founders Shea Vaughn and Jayne Rios. Two years ago, these two ladies founded the first and only all-women’s television network on ROKU, APPLETV , Chromecast and Amazon Fire. Two years later, WBTVN/Women on TV continues to thrive with over 3,000 hours of original programming created for women.

The seed of an idea for a TV network dedicated to women took root on March 11, 2016, as Shea and Jayne stood in the back of a vast banquet room in the New York Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada. The two women were hosting a conference for their newly created networking initiative, Women’s Global Leadership Alliance. It was the last day of the conference, and the packed room of women from across the globe was listening attentively as the speaker shared her inspiring story of overcoming adversities and achieving success. After thunderous applause, the audience rose from their seats and headed for small break-out sessions.

As Shea and Jayne watched the women depart, they were moved by the enthusiasm, ambition, and talent of not only the many speakers present at the conference but the women attending the conference. Each had a story to tell, a service to offer, or a product to sell. They had heard the stories during evening networking events, and noticed one central theme: how to gain a wider reach, a global market, how to get their stories out?

Both ladies knew the power of television, Shea appeared on Ellen featuring her SheaNetics® business and Jayne owned a video company for 12 years. They knew instantly how they were going to partner and how they could help! That’s when Women’s Broadcast Television Network was born. The very first OTT TV Station dedicated to content for women on ROKU, AppleTV, and more.

The Power of the Collective simply means that together we can make a broader impact than one voice alone. Shea and Jayne formed Women’s Broadcast Television Network and used their collective network to foster a collaborative environment among women and then broadcast television content for women to a worldwide audience of women (and

So, what kind of talent does it take to not only think of a new idea but also do the legwork, planning, put the idea into action and then run it successfully? Let’s take a peek inside the lives of Jayne Rios and Shay Vaughn.

Jayne Rios is a best-selling author, international speaker and a leading expert in Video and Internet Marketing. Jayne began her career at Channel 11 TV in Dallas, before starting her first company in 2007, KungFuzos Next Generation Video.

In the past 10
years she has achieved great success and now teaches others how to take control of their future and create the life they always dreamed. Her proven methods and programs help entrepreneurs to realize their potential and to exceed their goals.

Shea Vaughn is a leading wellness and fitness expert whose work has won her the endorsement of the City of Chicago and the Department of Public Health. She has trained and consulted with corporate leaders, celebrities and innovative entrepreneurs around the country, affectionately earning her the title of America’s Queen of Wellness.
Ms. Vaughn is considered a pioneer in this field having created wellness and fitness principles to drive significant improvements and well-being in personal performance and transitioned this philosophy to inspire business wellness and success. Shea also happens to be a grandmother, but she sure breaks the mold and certainly doesn’t look like one. Her day starts at 5am and she spends 3 hours of most days either working out or leading groups through her fitness program, SheaNetics, an exercise system she developed which combines yoga, pilates, martial arts and Tai Chi. The best part of her day is watching people with health issues feel better.
So how do two powerhouse women from Dallas and Los Angeles unite to partner and create an international phenomenon? The use of video, of course! Shea and Jayne were partners in business before they met each other in person. The introduction was made via video conference, the companies formed via video conference and when it came time to open a bank account they met at different locations and used video to connect the branch offices to sign on the dotted line!

Shea and Jayne show women“You Don’t Have to Be a Celebrity to Be a Star.” They created Women on TV to offer hosts the opportunity to deliver informative and moving stories, fresh products, compelling services, and smart new ideas to an avid audience who demand current, professional and advanced content that employs best practices. Women on TV is the place to explore breakthrough viewpoints from a woman’s perspective in art, health, performance, science, music, business, finance and more. Women on TV sees into the future and has created a new visual meeting place today for women to collaborate, inspire and strengthen their collective evolvement to leadership greatness.

Both Jayne and Shea are sought-after speakers and workshop leaders who make collaboration a priority, and oversee the day-to-day operations of WBTVN. Want to learn more about programming on Women’s Broadcast Television Network or investigate how to host a show? Please visit http://wbtvn.tv or http://www.womenontv.tv. Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/womensbroadcasttelevisionnetwork.