My name is Tal Araim. I have discovered what is wrong with relationships, why they almost all turn dull and why we are afraid to admit it and instead continue pretending all is well.

My research started about 8 years ago when I had an affair that showed me what I had was not real love. However, I wanted to know if this was just me or do others feel the same way. I realised that 85% of couples feel the same way after only three years of being together. After much research which included interviews and collaborations with many therapists and counsellors, I came to the conclusion that we needed a new approach. People need to check on their love from day one, not form year ten after they spend nine years hating each other. I wrote a book called The Coupledom Trap and opened a relationship gym called www.compass4couples.com that is there for good couples and single people. With health, we have gyms and hospitals, with relationships, we only have hospitals. We need Gyms.

I opened this gym because I strongly believe that It is time we stop our children watching two unsatisfied co-workers minimising friction. We can do this by teaching such couples how not to end up that way. I want these couples either to learn how to be truly happy or to split up before having children. Children should not be had as a means to reviving the magic. having children a celebration of certainty that life's realities did not change the couple from being the playful silly friends that fell in love with each other, not just day one, but day one thousand.

By meeting and talking to many of the couples that come to my relationship gym, it became very clear to me that most of us have very similar trends. We have childhood issues that lowers our self worth and teach us to tolerate being in loveless relationships because our parents were the same (not all of course, but the vast majority). I therefore would love the opportunity to talk to couples or single people on a radio programme where they can call and tell me their issues, in particular the minor ones while things are still good. It could be that they hide some texts or that they withhold on some thoughts or that they fear their partner is not equally invested or whatever the issue maybe. I can guarantee you that within 2 minutes, we will uncover something that will be a wake up call to them, and to many other listeners. I think such a programme not only would create interest, but it will be extremely useful. It could be called Relationship Gym Live and it will be aimed at those who are good and want to stay that way. By advertising it this way, callers will not feel that calling is an admission that they have serious issues. We will clearly state that if you have serious issues, seek professional counselling. However, if you are good but may have a question about something minor, please call: 07958937493