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Menopause Matters

Shelley Chapman Information

Menopause Help was born as a result of Shelley’s personal and quite lonely journey through the menopause, which she is now in her 15
th year of, but due to what she found out that works for symptoms and other women, she doesn’t suffer at all.

More importantly, it’s the changes that she did to herself that made the biggest difference and now lives life to the full. Because of this, she shares a lot of what she has done that’s made this menopausal stage of her life “uneventful” to women around the world on social media and a new closed facebook group.

She’s also written a book (available on Amazon
), so that you can benefit from a lot of the tips and advice to help you not only cope but be able to “master the menopause” and so much more. The newest thing she’s done is to publish her 15 years of findings as to what works for countless women’s symptoms in the form of an A-Z of Menopause Symptoms, Remedies and Solutions (available on Kindle).

Shelley does Radio ‘interviews’ and has been covered in editorials as more women want to know what will help them, but to know that there is a life not only during the menopause but more importantly, after the menopause and this is where Shelley has the most fun showing them what they can do to achieve this.

As she says “I’m here to help you because I understand a lot of what you’re going through and how important it is to get yourself back and become the woman you want to be now. All these different methods help and work, so please give them a try.”