Michele Kaye(M.Sc Nutrition) is a mother, a teacher, a lover of nature.

She has degree in Physiology with Biochemistry, and a postgraduate Masters degree in Nutrition.

She taught Biology over a 15 year period. During the last 28 years, since having three children, she has researched, practiced, coached and taught ways to live a healthy and joyous life, running regular Juice and Smoothie making Workshops. Michele, also a Nia Fitness/Dance teacher (Black Belt), teaches mainly women who, like herself, appreciate the healing value of movement. She sees herself dancing and juicing well into her 90's and intends to bring many students, clients, family and friends along with her!

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Michele's Musings...
Dance may be best for the brain

You may like to read a newspaper article about the class I gave last week, to Stroke Sufferers, in the Romford Recorder organised by UK Health Radio presenter Stewart Pearce.

And links in so well with this article in the NY Times that says Dance may be best for the brain.

Well worth a read. I like this bit...."one group showed an actual improvement in the health of some of the white matter in their brains, compared to six months before. The dancers now had denser white matter in their fornix, a part of the brain involved with processing speed and memory."

In summary “The message is that we should try not to be sedentary,” she said. “The people who came into our study already exercising showed the least decline” in white matter health, she points out, and those who took up dancing showed white-matter gains.

Nia Masterclass with Helen Terry

Yey! Helen is back! for the THIRD time. In case you don't know Helen, she is an incredible International Nia Trainer who is flying in from Texas next Sunday morning and coming straight to Kings Langley to lead a wonderful Nia experience for us!

Sunday 5th November 10-11am Kings Langley
Costs £12 in advance (£15 on the door).
Click on Nia masterclass with Helen Terry to pay now.

No experience required, and remember you can adapt the moves to any level and still enjoy the nurturing healing experience of Nia. See you on the dance floor.