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Maria Zhuravleva was born in Moscow and moved to the UK in 2010. That year following an intuitive feeling she discovered her path and got inspired by energy work and hypnotherapy.

Maria found her dedication in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (Dolores Cannon) as one of the most powerful techniques to heal and transform the individual. This unique technique allows to journey into past lives and heal the individual with the help of the Subconscious.

"The most wonderful thing in life is connection with your true self and being able to help and share love. I see the joy in people's eyes during and after the practice, it is beautiful how much love and support we have within this world."

Through work with Reiki Maria developed her own method of working with energy through colours, harmonic shapes and imagination. These practices are regularly shared in private teaching and Healing Energy Workshops.

"Energy work is the future of human interaction. Through energy we can heal, we can love, we can empower and uplift each other. Each person has got an energy gift and it is just about recognising it and practicing together."

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"Past life regression is a wonderful way to look deep within you on the level of the soul and find what experiences in the past have got an important message for you.There is a myriad of past lives that the person can go to in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. They can see themselves as a medieval knight, as a powerful king, as a simple peasant, as a caveman, a Victorian lady and many more.

In additionto that people sometimes see themselves as animals, plants, trees and even water. These lives also have got a meaning and a message. What can a soul learn from a life as water? Fluidity, freedom, expression, ability to adjust to different situations in life. Sounds fascinating? The more common lives of people bring a message of unity, love and loyalty to your heart, following your calling, being brave and listening to yourself. In many lives we encounter familiar souls over and over again as we come to learnlessons together in life. What do you learn from your soulmate in this life time? The answer is in your heart and your Subconscious.

The Subconscious is the power that we contact in second half of Quantum Healing session. It is what we call a vast all-encompassing knowledge that contains all the information about your life journey and life purpose.

The Subconscious knows why the person gets ill, what emotions they are experiences, what pastlives they had and how they can be helped. During the session this power heals the person with light and energy. It is almost a process of self-healing that is activated during the session but it happens at a much more profound level.

"Talking to trees is a wonderful way of interacting with Nature. Everything around usconsists of energy: the plants, the stones, the people, the animals, evensounds. When we connect on the level of energy, we receive messages and guidance from the world around us. We start to perceive it at a deeper level.

Every tree has a personality just like we do. Some will be solemn and powerful, othersjolly and childlike. But they all have one thing in common – they teach us lessons. They teach us simplicity, love, self-belief, relaxation and peace. Find a tree that is calling you the most, you will know it in your heart. Place your hand on the tree, close your eyes and let it speak. Listen to very first sensations that come to you and trust them. These are the messages of the trees. Allow the energy of the tree to bathe you in its healing and relaxing power. You are friends!"

"Energyexists within every one of us. Energy is conscious, alive, transforming andcapable of changing vibrations. If you look deep within you, you will find agolden source of energy which you can then channel through your hands and your heart and direct it to your body. There is a healer living in you, you just have to recognise him.

In my workshops we learn how to talk to energy, how to perceive frequencies of people and objects with our hands. We work with crystals, drawings, plants, body and our imagination. We open the creative power within us with the help of deep meditation and energy work. It is a very enjoyable process and anybody can do it!

Reiki helped me to learn about energy and enter this fascinating world of self-discovery. I found that I can talk through my hand and receive messages about other people if I connect to them. This is what I use in my hand energy readings when I touch the energy of the other person and beautiful guided messages come through the hand. We feel up lifted and with a new perspective after the session. You can find out so much more about your soul if you look deep into yourself. I love you very much and find your own power inside!"

Maria Zhuravleva