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We welcome to The Way Forward our new HOLISTIC NUTRITIONIST Johanna Thomas.

Johanna found her life’s passion after a roller coaster of experiences, which brought her to establish her business - PureJo. www.purejo.com
From being bullied as a child, feeding a sugar addiction, suffering from anxiety, excess partying, excess exercising, amenorrhoea, hypothyroidism, hair thinning
(telogen effluvium) mild osteoporosis of the lumbar spine, having a nervous breakdown, depression, adult acne to three cancer scares, food intolerances and
currently a leaky gut and sciatica…Johanna has had her fair share of health and wellness issues.

Johanna spent thousands of pounds travelling the globe visiting dermatologists, top nutritionists, TCM doctors, acupuncture specialists and other global
symptom healing thinkers and practitioners - you name it she tried it all to no avail. Then Johanna began to study, research, learn and educate herself on how to treat
the cause of her issues not just mask the symptoms with medications that came with a host of side effects of their own.

This life experience is priceless and makes Johanna accessible, able to relate and connect with her clients. As her life takes on its next stage she is now facing new health challenges preparing for motherhood next year, on her optimal wellness life quest.

Johanna has completed a 120-hour course from Mind Body Green and obtained a Distinction Diploma in Nutrition from The Natural School of Health Sciences –
this is just the beginning for Johanna, as her plans for PureJo will rock the wellness industry.
Johanna launched PureJo last year as Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching and already has numerous clients in London, Dubai, LA and New York.

www.purejo.com, along with social media feeds were set up to attract new clients and provide everyone with an informative blog on all things health,
fitness, wellness, nutrition, recipes, reviews, shopping and much more. PureJo coaching assists individuals in achieving and maintaining optimum wellness by advising them about
  • Healthy nutrition and supplementation
  • Fitness,
  • Non-toxic beauty and home care products
  • Other natural holistic lifestyle changes
  • Plus methods to cope with stress

PureJo works in harmony with the body to decrease deficiency and toxicity, which leads to disease, finding the root cause of any symptoms. PureJo is all about using food as medicine, “Let food be thy medicine” and “Bio-individuality” – where no two bodies are created the same thus no one diet will work for everyone. She helps people to find their individual healing foods and
supplements, to love, respect and nourish their body and mind.

PureJo works with you on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level to help and motivate you to take back the reins, turn your life around and reverse negative symptoms that your body is showing.

The body is an amazingly dynamic system, self-generating and self-repairing so given the right nutrition, a well functioning nervous system, strong immune
system, balanced gut microbiome and healing environment it will rebuild itself.

Johanna has established the unique PureJo Home and Work Holistic Habit Healing Workshop where she studies her clients’ every move and thought to give them holistically healthier, healing habits to replace their bad ones daily. She shadows clients’ every move for a day and the next day replaces as much as possible with more natural healing options. From toothpaste, shampoo, body cream, to lunch choices, home cleaning products to exercise, thoughts and more. She takes her clients’ supermarket shopping and educates them on how to have willpower to avoid the sugar and poison foods, then embracing the natural wholesome fresh produce that will heal them from the inside out.

Johanna believes Natural Wellness is what we all deserve. Health is the new Wealth. A PureJo mantra is “The decisions we make today will define our tomorrow.”
It is now a fact that only 3% of diseases are actually genetic. Even then you have the power to either pull the trigger on those genes or let them lie dormant while you live a healthy lifestyle with a balanced healing diet. The rest are actually adapted physiologies…your body adapting to physical, emotional and chemical stressors.

PureJo – Johanna Thomas – Holistic Health and Wellness Advisor

T: +44 (0)7879038083
E: jt@purejo.com
Instagram: holistic_purejo_johanna
Twitter: @jt_PureJo

85% of all disease is brought on by our emotions. So the power of the mind is so strong and this is linked to our second mind, which is our gut.
Our body is a temple; we have to live in it forever. The ultimate goal is to be fit, happy and healthy, whilst preventing diseases, delaying the ageing process and
living a long productive life. PureJo is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with The Way Forward listeners and helping you all to be
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