Jim Crigler

Jim Crigler, a perfectly sane American former helicopter pilot in the Vietnam war who is going to undertake a truly inspiring and daunting task – paddling up the mighty Mississippi to bring attention to the sad plight of families who lost members in the conflict. (Vietnam War).

Jim will paddle Libby O up the mighty river stopping to visit Goldstar Families to thank them for their participation in the War

He has minted special Gold Coins as Momentoes.

We are going to be with him every inch of his journey

We want to help him spread his thanks to all those who have lost loved ones/family members to war.

Also he has written a book…see www.missionofhonor.org

Jim’s Mississippi paddle has a British connection. I will be carrying the “Baton” (go to www.thebaton.co.uk ) which is a cut off handle of a medical field stretcher used to carry British wounded in Helmand Province Afghanistan. It is a symbol of national conscience – of pride, hope, courage, and suffering. Most important it’s a message of gratitude to support our armed forces in the U.K. and the U.S.

Facebook page “Mission of Honor Mississippi Gold Star Paddle”


And we at TheWayForward will feature the intrepid Jim every week of his epic journey..