INNER FIRE Social brings together mind and body well-being practitioners, brands, services, experts and all interested in a healthy and balanced living.


1st of February, 18:30, Jewel (Sahara Club)

Special guests speakers:

Jane Nisbet - Commonwealth Games High Jump Finalist, Author & Winner of Personal Battle With Bulimia

James Dunne - Nutritional Psychologist, Holistic Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist & Hypnotherapist

Rick Hay - Fitness Expert for Ideal World TV & Anti Ageing Food and Fitness Nutritionist

You can make this world a better place when you stay true to your self!


Question of the night: How changing the way you think makes it easier to keep your body healthy, strong, fit and younger for longer?
Question of the night: How changing the way you think makes it easier to keep your body healthy, strong, fit and younger for longer?

The Event
INNER FIRE Social was started in November 2016 by two sisters with passion for connecting people in the spirit of creating a healthy and balanced living, together and with acceptance, knowledge and inspiration.

INNER FIRE Social is now a place where wellbeing practitioners, companies, media, organisations, brands, authors, all meet together to discuss ways of improving our well-being and to connect on professional and personal levels.

It is the evening for changemakers, for all individuals and companies that want to do something to help us all see more happiness, more health and more quality living.

To create a welcoming, uplifting and fun social environment. To engage in mindful conversations about balance mind and body. To guide you on your journey toward a healthy and happy life. To make a lasting connection, leaving you inspired to cultivate your best self.

Please know that we do these events for you. Therefore, if there is anything specific you would like to the INNER FIRE to offer, just tell us at the event or before. You can always drop us an email: team@iconiqueperformance.com

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The Venue
A beautiful Moroccan hideaway in the heart of London oozing with North African opulence.
Our next social gathering on fire is in the Sahara Club, a private room located on the first floor of the Jewel bar, Picadilly Circus.

It is cosy, it is warm, joyful for the eye and for the soul.

Full address: 4-6 Glasshouse St, Soho, London W1B 5DQ. We are on the first floor
On the arrival ask for the INNER FIRE Social event and the member of the staff will guide you through. Our team will also welcome you at the door. Just make sure to say you attend the INNER FIRE Social as the venue has a few different rooms.

Comfortable area where you can be relaxed will await you, together with bar staff ready to serve mosaic drinks. All while you enjoy soft music in the background and the new and already familiar smiling faces to connect with.

A few brands will showcase their products and service with free treats for you.
Live music performance will decorate the evening, followed by the discussion panel. Your questions about mind, health and fitness will be answered. All followed with a juicy prize draw.
A delicious evening in the heart of West End.

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The Hosts
Aleksandra Cichuta & Joanna Cichuta are two sisters who have learnt over the years of their personal journeys that there is only one thing which stops you from feeling happy, being healthy and living the way you want....It is not the global climate, not your background, not accidents and not what others do or say to you....It is only one thing - it is YOU!

Having the passion for helping everyone to connect with the inner self, unleash the strength within and having the ability to connect people who can and want to help to increase the levels of everyone's wellbeing, the two sisters teamed up and created the INNER FIRE Social.
Our vision is to help everyone we meet to connect with who you truly are, who you want to become and find the way to be freely all that. To help you be in charge of how life unfolds for you, while connecting with others not in fear but in love.

The Music
Music tastes best when is played live.
We are great supporters of new coming artists and their own music. So much talent is around and they all deserve to be heard.
This time we present you Joe Dolman - singer-songwriter from Leamington Spa.
Joe has 2 independently released EP’s under his belt, landing him top 10 in the UK and US iTunes charts; as heard on BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing and playlist spots on Apple Music’s “Best of The Week” and Spotify’s “Autumn Acoustic” playlists.

Click hear to listen...www.joedolman.co.uk....
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