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Six Magical Moon Rituals

All that it takes is a little openness and
I have created 6 rituals ‘free’ for you, to guide you into your own place of divine purpose. By embracing these New Moon and Full Moon rituals on a regular basis you will begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel that connects you to ‘self’
acknowledgment from you. The will and the need to begin the change, so you may move forward towards your true authentic self.

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We are stardust, we are golden
are billion year old carbon
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.
Joni Mitchell

There is something in these words that resonate with many of us. When we are able to touch the depths of our being we can acknowledge who we are and get to grips with our stardust. Have you ever been so deep in meditation that you have touched this space within you and seen the golden glow of your soul? It's a humbling place to venture into. I meditate daily and although I don't always touch this space (depending on the mind chatter) most of the time I am able to drop into me. The gift in this is not only peace but a deeper sensation of formlessness. It's not magic, it's not enlightenment it's who we really are beyond conditioning and pressures of life. Every one of us can meditate. Some people have a mental block about it, choosing resistance before they even begin. All it takes is five minutes a day. Either you can follow meditation instruction which I share freely via my YouTube Channel or you can focus your attention on a constant sound, such as a dripping tap or a ticking clock or more commonly, the breath.

(Oh and as an added extra here is my Pink meditation for those of you who may need relationship support.)

During The Wild One
Weekend we will be working deeper with meditation and Yoga Nidra. These are such valuable tools to help enhance our lives. Remember we are not robots and it's important that we take time out on a regular basis to replenish and support our well being. This is just a little nudge to remind you to do so.

So if you haven't seen the information about the weekend already here is my offering to you and I am so excited to be meeting some of you there. It has been such a journey for me over the last few months as I have been called to offer this workshop, but in doing so I have had to make some huge shifts in myself. To face deeper understandings and commitments to
myself. There is no limit to how far we can delve down into our rawness.

If you want the chance to go deeper then here is your opportunity. I don't think I could have picked a better space for us to do this work form The Wild One Weekend.

The Wild One Weekend is set in the heart of nature, in the stunning Lake District in the UK. It is a journey of deep
self discovery that I have been called to share with you on a personal and collective level. As more and more of us search deeper for our authentic truth. The wild one is not about screaming and roaring (unless you want to) but honouring the core of who you really are. You may think you already know but do you?

I speak all about this and more in the video which you will find when you click the links in this email.
Moonlite Blessings

i x

New Moon Saturday Nov 18th 11:42am Uk

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