Welcome to TheWayForward

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Welcome to TheWayForward

We are here to help and support anyone that has suffered a stroke or medical impairment which has resulted in a change of life. It is all about Feel Good and Feeling Better -Health and Wellbeing.

Here you will find information and helpful hints to point you towards a better way to recovery. You can follow us on our weekly internet radio show www.ukhealthradio.com – TheWayForward which will feature guest appearances from health professionals who will be offering tips and advice.

The show is aired first on Fridays at 2am and then repeated on the following days/ times:
Saturday 6am, Sunday 10am, Monday 2pm, Tuesday 6pm and Wednesday 10pm.
Alternatively you can listen on demand at anytime, including previous shows.

We understand that each of you is unique and not everyone will have encounted the same issues. Our aim provide you with general advice and information on nutrition, exercise, a variety of alternative therapies and remedies which have helped others which you may find benefical







Scintillating Saby Harmony starts us off..and how her Tantric therapy can make you multi-orgasmic!!!

Rachel Cox Om and Basses us oh yeah!

Anne Malone reveals her Singing Bowls

And Randy Taran exposes Project Happiness for us to Jingle All The Way to.

Our newest ambassador and feature presenter Ce Ce Bright will be on
TheWayForward starting in January 2018.

Ce brings considerable LIVE experience to our team for next year. She will be leading the Outreach programme at events and LIVE shows.
Kaleidescope - Gosia and the Expansion Game
How to do Holistic Breathing

Martin Jones shows how this simple breathing technique took him from near death to lively and vibrant. He had Limes Disease.

Try it...it will change how you feel.

Learn how to do Holographic Breathing
Life According to Niina

The amazing way to wake up and feel great every day. Listen it will change your life for the better!
Click here to listen

Documentary Film about Singing Bowls Revelations is a documentary travel film about Himalayan Singing Bowls, their history and origin, their present use in healing therapies, their influence

(physical and emotional), their ability to heal or mitigate serious physical conditions and disorders, and their future use. have immediate relaxing effect on the body and mind. Singing Bowls' strong vibrations and cosmic sounds penetrate deeply on all levels, opening a special way to maintain health and balance. We believe that Sound is the medicine of future. We explore all aspects of Singing Bowls’ influence: physical, emotional, practical, musical and esoteric.

it is also now on UKHR main website.


Musing The Silent Moon Goddess in the Wild Wood
Jane H Teply

​​​CORINTHIANS 1:13:13
Faith Hope and Love. The greatest of which is Love
Krishna Das' New Album Available Now!

The way I sing, I try to let the mantra do the work. I simply pay attention to the prayer and repeat it with as much of my being as I can. I don’t try to manipulate emotions, I don’t try to manufacture any kind of feeling at all, it naturally arises. My understanding is that these mantras, these names, come from within us, they come from that place within that is deeper than the mind, deeper than thoughts, deeper than emotions. So, by turning our attention in that direction toward our soul, we

Trust In The Heart by Krishna Das
movedeeply into our true nature."

~Krishna Das

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A 'content-rich' edition of Health Triangle Magazine - issue 52 is now online!

Word from our editor Mr Reg Starkey.

EVERYTHING IN MODERATION (Is that perhaps an Excess of Moderation?)

The end of every year in the west seems to offer a popular licence for excess! No less than 87% of respondents in a UK survey said they ‘expect turkey to be served at Christmas.’ The American colonists started the fashion for it in the ‘thanksgiving’ for their first harvest in the autumn of 1621 - where wild turkeys were hunted for their meat. This was 100 years after Henry VIII had first feasted on turkey in England. Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863 but Britons only got a taste for turkey in the last half of the last century. Even today, meeting big-day expectations can present a huge challenge to any cook. That’s why this edition has a comprehensive guide to cooking turkey safely and well.

Other birds in the news are… pigeons! They do not represent a problem to most people but here is a fascinating case study of someone who used to find them a disproportionate problem – until she underwent a course of hypnotherapy that ‘changed her mind’ about them. Other articles and features offer new insights into body, mind and spirit, whether dealing with brain tumours, diabetes or cancer- plus valuable notes on winter exercise and the importance of sleep; into cleansing the mind and cleansing the body in ‘bath-time bliss’…
We wish you all a blissfully happy and healthy end to this year, with as much - or as little - as you need to find peace and contentment in the present, plus optimism and enthusiasm for the year ahead!

For those of you that do not have the app yet your self's please do
download it under the following links or simply go to the UKHR website
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