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We are here to help and support anyone that has suffered a stroke or medical impairment which has resulted in a change of life. It is all about Feel Good and Feeling Better -Health and Wellbeing.

Here you will find information and helpful hints to point you towards a better way to recovery. You can follow us on our weekly internet radio show www.ukhealthradio.com – TheWayForward which will feature guest appearances from health professionals who will be offering tips and advice.

The show is aired first on Fridays at 2am and then repeated on the following days/ times:
Saturday 6am, Sunday 10am, Monday 2pm, Tuesday 6pm and Wednesday 10pm.
Alternatively you can listen on demand at anytime, including previous shows.

We understand that each of you is unique and not everyone will have encounted the same issues. Our aim provide you with general advice and information on nutrition, exercise, a variety of alternative therapies and remedies which have helped others which you may find benefical.


TheWayForward is an independent show on UK Health Radio.

I AM WELLNESS SOLUTIONS - Carly informs on breathing

Creative Corner - Reg Starkey gets Peter Shillingford admiting things


JT gets Grace..the founder of THE most fabulous club for women

Maria tantalises about the Tantra Festival in Shoreditch 17/18 Nov

Award winning Anna Kennedy will be bringing her take on autism to the show every Month Starting Oct

SKY ACAMESIS - From the Heart

VANYA SILVERTON - Sense and Sensuality

AMANDA HART - Amanda and the Angels


VALMA JAMES - Care, Care, Care (A caring show)

Kwali Kumara joins our happy family with the exciting Ceremony Space

Shelley Chapman The Menopause Matters Supremo will be providing her special form of aid Monthly


Get chopping and roasting because it's root vegetable season !!

The more we connect back to our roots and our natural way of being humans, the more we realise that eating in season is what nature always intended and what our bodies undoubtedly need to survive the winter.

Think broths, hot pots and delicious soups. We need to nourish ourselves with warming (not overcooked) wholefoods to build up our immunity. This doesn't just apply to what we eat. Our skin also gets hit hard in this season. The cold air, wind and rain all plays havoc with the balance of our 1st line of defence.

Our collective positive affirmation this month is...

'I AM prepared, I AM nourished, I AM strong '
Make sure you allow an extra 5 minutes in your day to prepare and plan. Whether it's your evening meal or a skin care ritual after your shower or bath. Whole body moisturizing with natural products will add another layer of defence to protect you from illness.

Repeat our affirmation 10 x daily to get a grip and get organised ;-)
Self massage of the month !

The heat is ON!! The minute you think about flicking that central heating switch on you need to think of how you are going to stay hydrated.
Heating = Headaches.
Massaging certain points in our head can encourage blood flow and loosen up tension.


Place your first 3 fingers on either side of your head above your cheek bones.

Gently pulse 10 times into the soft spot on your temples.

Move your fingers in clockwise circles to massage the whole temple area. Imagine you are covering the size of a 50 pence piece.

Self yoga pose of the month !

Sasangasana AKA RABBIT Pose

From the Child's pose you can move into the Rabbit. Bring your arms by your side. Lift the buttocks off the heels. Gently roll your head backwards and forwards on the floor. This will gently bring new oxygen and blood flow to your brain and surrounding tissues.

3 TIPS when doing this pose.

1) Ensure your head is firmly on the floor and chin slightly tucked. This protects the neck.
2) Lean your body weight onto your head very slowly as you breathe slowly.
3) NEVER force yourself into a pose if it feels painful or uncomfortable.

Send me an email: iamwellnesssolution@gmail.com or message @siromaniwell

our tv show on Wellness tv news


Organic Juice bar and tea house and much much more. A well-being and wellness oasis in the heart of the city.

62-63 Southampton Row London

Home and the foundation is

Joins TheWayForward Collaborative...Kevin and Jane are
amazing, inspiring people GO and see them.

Tessa Levy's Arousing novel No One But You
Ania Jeffries and Brenda Dempsey will be visiting the CEO's and chatting to them and providing TheWayForward Goodybags. BBC Scotland will be filming.

Niina of Akasha Sound Temple becomes our Ambassador for The Way Forward.

Going Forward Holistic Wellbeing Wellness Magazine

Akasha Sound. Healing through Sacred Sound of Singing Bowls, Gongs and mantras.

Wednesday, 23rd October, 6:30pm at Pandora Spa
Where is Niina?

Last Week: The fountain is in Rome
Shamanic Connections

Tatiana Sheyna connects with Shaman around the world
Pictured with Ladamira who is coming to the UK later this year

Lilelle Alma and Ladamira Peaceful.
Both Shaman Priestesses will be in the UK for 2 weeks from 2nd Nov.

Courses Available
Coming soon
On 29th October Johann the founder is Sleeping Under The Stars to raise money and awareness of homeless people

The Way Forward
are supporting him do this. Please get involved send a donation....a little something is better than nothing and pavements are hard cold and hostile at night.

Ania Jeffries will be live on the night

Joanne the Divine Life Yogini has her own lifestyle & yoga tv programme starting this Saturday on Women's Broadcast TV network at 5 PM UK time.
Watch it..
it's amazing!!

Watch the Video

Niina of Akasha Sound Temple will be running a Sound Therapy Session with Singing Bowls and gongs and her own Shamanic teachings.

Next date is 23rd October 6:30 at Pandora Spa, London E1

We are working together with Wellness TV News...and there will be a WayForward TV programme starting in August 2018

Our wellness & nutrition global network is expanding #WellnessMovement
I’m excited to announce our new franchise partner and ambassador, inspirational leader Stewart St Clair Pearce @ UK HEALTH RADIO 🇬🇧
The Way Forward will be covering our NUTRITION #LeadershipConvention in Barcelona ️

Rarely do I meet somebody who truly understands that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. Looking forward to our exciting partnership and creating
wellness network with heart Jasmina Paul Founder - Wellness Tv
The Lightwatch Chronicles Jane H Tepley's fascinating new book. It's a magnificent story and totally engrossing.

Available at all major bookshops.

The Outreach Programme

7/8 Sept Heart Mind Body St Johns, Waterloo London

8/9 Sept So Organic Festival, Battersea London

27/28 Sept Deva Premal Concert London

29/20 Sept Plant Conciusness Regent College London

30 Sept Inner Fire Brunch London

19-21 Oct Om Yoga Event Alexandra Palace London

27th Oct The Black Business Women's Awards Mayfair London

2/4 Nov Mind Body Spirit Expo NEC Birmingham

4-5 Nov Kent Mind Body Soul Event

17 - 18 Nov London Tantra Festival Shoreditch

Chereen Miller joins our Ambassadors.
She's all about empowerment and finding the magic in people


Not just Yoga | Not just Fitness
A Wonderful Wellness and Wellbeing

Website – www.menopausehelp.org

‘Menopause Matters, How to Master the Menopause, Survive, Thrive & Feel Alive’ – Paperback Version http://amzn.eu/55VFZGF

‘Menopause Matters, How to Master the Menopause, Survive, Thrive & Feel Alive’ – Kindle Version http://amzn.eu/5eSLYIH

‘A-Z of Menopause Symptoms, Remedies & Solutions’ – Kindle Only

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/practicalmenopausehelp

Facebook Closed Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/MenopauseHelp/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/shelley_menopause_help/

Candle Gallery

Tatiana Darkova

Is our newest Ambassador.

She heads our Shaman Programme that brings Siberian Shaman to the UK on a regular basis.
She teaches Yoga and Womens Improvement Circles, Massage and about Shamanism.
Tatiana helps us reach out to Russia, Siberia, Brazil, Canada and North America

and connect to the people the Shamen help worldwide.

CONGRATULATIONS for qualifying to become a Siberian Spiritual Leader in the mountain
Sheyna is our Siberian Spiritual Ambassador
Siberian for Burning Heart of Love
Julia Keller
“Helping you to look and feel amazing, inside & out”

To Schedule a free30 minute Discovery Call with Julia:


One of our Media Partners

Aleksandra and Joanna Chihuta host Inner Fire Time TV on Facebook Live

Every Sunday at 19:30 BST
Uplifting interviews and advice

TheWayForward is now linked with the WBTVNetork and is keen for content to show.

Women of Contribution
Please join...the more people we know the stronger we become
unite energy.


Water Promotion

Bottled water is a drain on the environment: The public goes through about 50 billion water bottles a year, and most of those plastic containers are not recycled. Transporting the bottles and keeping them cold also burns fossil fuels, which give off greenhouse gases." 1500 plastic bottles are consumed every second. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times. And, it will take 1000 years for the plastic to degrade.
It can pose health threats The plastic in bottled water often contains chemicals BPA and phthalates, which are proven to be hazardous to human health.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) some pretty astonishing facts about drinking global water are:
Around the world, at least 1.8 billion people utilize a drinking water source contaminated
with faecal matter. Contaminated water can transmit diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio. Contaminated drinking water is estimated to cause 502,000 diarrheal deaths each year.
By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas.

How many antioxidants does your water have?

We have found a solution how your body can heal itself in the most natural way.


2 glasses of this
miraculous healing water will give you as many antioxidants as 5 kilos of blueberries.

Ask Monika Pavlickova, Clinical Naturopath and Molecular Hydration Specialist for more details on:
07440 246 587 or healthy_guru@yahoo.com.
Amber-Lauren painting at Princes Trust Chrity gala at the London Hilton

Amber -Laurens showing of her pop art at RBS
How to do Holistic Breathing

Martin Jones shows how this simple breathing technique took him from near death to lively and vibrant. He had Limes Disease.

Try it...it will change how you feel.

Learn how to do Holographic Breathing

Life According to Niina

The amazing way to wake up and feel great every day. Listen it will change your life for the better!
Gosia's Inspiring Words


‘He knew that when he took her hand they would walk together forever and she knew that when she took his hand they would never look back
They both looked back.'This week I want to acknowledge
relationships of the heart and all their aspects. (For more, you can check out my up and coming Facebook and Instagram posts.)

Today I start with looking at our partner(s) and our relationships with them.

Whether your relationship is:
Recently over.

All that is personal to you.

Relationships are one of the biggest issues talked about.

Here are a few SMI offerings to get you started.

Meditations for the 11 moon centres:
If you feel your partner doesn’t know or get you in so many ways. Maybe this is a sure sign that you don’t really know yourself. The 11 moon centre meditations are a perfect way for you to
learn to honour you.

Their sensual

And once you start to know you then your partner will too.

Click the link HERE
if your are curious:

Fox Glove of Avalon: Is great for when the relationship is ending or has recently ended and you are finding it hard to gain clarity.

Relational clarity and precision

ReleaseIs the
Click the link HERE to know more:
Encourages you to listen to the teachings of your own heart
Breathe out. Permission to surrender into the aching heart.
Honouring what the heart feels and ALLOWING it
Helps when the heart is confused and may feel entangled
of deep heart overwhelm
atmosphere fraught. Are their tensions?

The Limited Edition combination Ionian olive elixir and Space cleanser are perfect. I will let you read more below as these two offerings are deep workers and only you will know if they are suitable. A word of advice. If wanting to clear an atmosphere then the space cleanser is perfect but remember more often than not the work needs to come from within. Therefore the elixir is
perfect foundation.

Click HERE for

Click HERE for space cleanser

Gypsy if Avalon ( a combination elixir )

When you feel like you are losing yourself in the relationship and your wild one has gone astray. Gypsy will give you a deeper connection with this side of you in space cleanser and elixir:

Click HERE for

Click HERE for space cleanser

finally IF all creativity has gone and things have died sexually between you. Give life some ‘omph’ with Liquid mistress elixir and space cleanser.

Again the elixir is great for internal ‘omph’ and the space cleanser is perfect for spraying round the house and bedroom to help get things moving again.

Perfect when creativity has faded ( on all levels )

Click HERE for

Click HERE for space cleanser

I hope all this helps and if things are even deeper than the above here is the link for private consultations where you will receive my email support for a month, a
bespoke combination elixir especially for your needs and a one hour session via Skype/ Facetime/ Messenger:

Click HERE to read more
Full Moon 25th Sept 03:25 uk

Luxury Fashion Networking
Izabela Calik is a London based jewellery designer and the owner of IC Luxury Fashion Networking Club.

Her work has been published several times in Vogue Magazine and her jewellery is available on
high-end international market: London, Scotland, Poland, Spain – Puerto Banus in Marbella or luxury boutiques in Ibiza harbour in Las Salinas.

Whilst developing her career, she realised that to grow in this industry you need lots of contacts and as many opportunities as possible to expose your work and products. I currently collaborate with celebrity stylists, bloggers, creative team, fashion buyers, shop and showroom owners
, fashionistas and fashion influences.

'I know how difficult is to gain the contacts, especially for independent designers and businesses. For this
reason I have created luxury networking membership club for fashion brands and designers, to connect designers/brands with right network.

We organise for our
members private fashion exhibitions where you can promote / sell your products to high profile audience: fashion lovers, celebrity stylists, bloggers, editors, media, photographers, PR agencies, magazines, members of London private Clubs.


Musing The Silent Moon Goddess in the Wild Wood

​​​CORINTHIANS 1:13:13
Faith Hope and Love. The greatest of which is Love

Ram Ram

We would like to let you know about a special evening of sacred music to benefit the Tibetan Home of Hope on May

April 9, 201819,2018For over ten years, Tibetan Home of Hope has provided a safe haven where these children not only thrive academically, but they are able to connect with

In 2006, Tashi Dolma founded Tibetan Home of Hope, a nonsectarian home and school with the desire to bring shelter, healthcare, education, and love to Tibetan children who would otherwise be abandoned.

in Tarrytown, NY.
theirculture, while experiencing elements of the loving home environment that every child deserves.

Krishna Das and
Kirtan Wallah Foundation are happy to invite you to this benefit concert and support this inspiring work.

We hope you will join us for this evening of chanting.
Tashi Dolma The Students The School
Wisdom Rising
with Lama Tsultrim Allione

Thu May 10- Sun May 13, 2018
Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine
Calling all women for this life-changing meditation retreat and celebration of the Empowered Feminine.

Krishna Das will lead kirtan on Saturday 5/12 as part of this special retreat.

Find out more
Yoga of Devotion Retreat
Retreat with Krishna Das

Fri May 25 - Mon May 28, 2018
Over this long weekend, Krishna Das leads evening chanting, shares insights that he has gained on the spiritual path and tells stories of his experiences in India.

Join us and elevate your mind, relax your body, and open your heart!

Find out more

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