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We are here to help and support anyone that has suffered a stroke, serious illness or medical imparement which has resulted in a change of lfe. We are all about feeling better with Wellness, Mindfulness and Wellbeing

We seek to energise, inform ,excite and inspire so you find a better way to get better. You can follow us on our weekly internet radio show on UKHealthRadio.com-The WayForward

Our weekly guests will amaze and astound you and most of all they will entertain you so you have fun.

The show is aired first on Fridays at 2am and then repeated on the following days/ times:
Saturday 6am, Sunday 10am, Monday 2pm, Tuesday 6pm and Wednesday 10pm.
Alternatively you can listen on demand at anytime, including previous shows.

We understand that each of you is unique and not everyone will have encounted the same issues. Our aim provide you with general advice and information on nutrition, exercise, a variety of alternative therapies and remedies which have helped others which you may find benefical.


TheWayForward is an independent show on UK Health Radio.


Part 1
Ashleigh Ramshaw on her travels and inspiring you
Daniele de Winter on Glycosate and Microwave Radiation
Ask Olga...more on relationships listeners questions answered

Part 2
Natasha Grays on Jeaks...the newmusthave fashion
JT on biohacking and Slava at the Biohacking Congress


Visit the website: https://www.showcase.co/
Email: hello@showcase.co

A flagship for new design.

The Place to Discover the Next Generation of British Based Fashion Brands & Designers.
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NAT'S CHAT Every 2 weeks

Natalie Fee the founder of City to Sea and environmental activist presents what we should be thinking about to help the earth back to health and take plastic out of our lives Help stop plastic pollution at source by keeping in touch! We'll email you with campaign updates, plastic pollution news and most importantly, when we need to
take action you'll be first to know!
Thanks. ♥


The new TV series that offers solutions to issues.
Launches 11/11 @11.11am European (Dutch) Time

Christianne van Wijk Presenter/Producer/Director/Editor:
Mind the Matrix: www.mindthematrix.com

Albert de Booij Founder:
World of Consciousness: www.worldofconsciousness.com

Help stop plastic pollution at source by keeping in touch! We'll email you with campaign updates, plastic pollution news and most importantly, when we need to take action you'll be first to know! Thanks. ♥



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Be The Change
New music video gives clarion call to prevent plastic pollution

“Say no to single-use plastic, say yes to the future”
Together with Bristol-based environmental campaigning organisation City to Sea, singer-songwriter and sound therapist Tallulah Rendall has created a thought-provoking music video for Holding onto Love: Be the Change the second single from her new album, The Liminal. The single will be released on Thursday 23 May.
Feeling a symbiotic connection to City to Sea and their mission to prevent plastic from littering the world’s oceans, Tallulah welcomed the opportunity to collaborate, as she explains:
“City To Sea invite each of us to explore our own relationship with plastic and environmental awareness through campaigning for policy and behavioural change. I love the rawness, heartfelt and sometimes even playful approach they use to engage us with this conversation. Personally, I feel passionate about supporting systemic change in our individual and collective relationship to both plastic and the environment. I believe in music’s ability to inspire change and if I can add my creative voice to something as vital as City To Sea’s mission and help more people engage with protecting our wildlife, rivers and seas then that is both an honour and a privilege.”
Holding onto Love, Be the Change, which features footage from the recent XR protests in London - as well as exquisite time-lapse footage shot by 2014 Travel Photographer of the Year, Rufus Blackwell - highlights the plight of the oceans amid the escalating plastic pollution crisis. An emotive cry to unite and make a stand, the video invites viewers to take responsibility for their plastic consumption, with a clear call to action: “You can be the change. Say no to single-use plastic, say yes to the future.”
Natalie Fee, Founder of City to Sea, says: “We’re all about awakening active hope, championing practical solutions and inspiring positive action – and we love doing that creatively! I’m a huge fan of Tallulah’s new album and we thought it would be potent to combine our voices and work together to spread the word that we can – and are – making a difference. With serious threats from the plastic industry to boost production there is a real danger that plastic pollution in our oceans could double by 2050. So we need to get the message out there, through art as well as emails, petitions and the news, that we can stop this from happening. Tallulah’s music fits wholly with our ethos – we can be the change.”
Historically Tallulah has used her music as a conduit to inspire change and campaigns include, We Don’t Want War, written in response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis; all sales from this track were donated to Save The Children. An original version of Holding onto Love: Be The Change was written in support of Standing Rock and released on an album called Protectors, the proceeds from which were donated to support the medical team on the ground.
Co-produced with acclaimed Berlin producer Aaron Ahrends, The Liminal album was inspired by the ‘energetic space’ Tallulah attunes to when she meditates or creates. “My deepening relationship with this connection has enriched my life and inspired me to believe in our human capacity to live an expansive life in harmony with ourselves, the planet we live on and each other,” she explains. “It is my passion to inspire and support this awakening in others through sound and creativity.”
To buy Tallulah’s new single visit her website:


ESQUE parfums
; Handcrafted from natural ingredients,
totally Vegan by Aisha Q Love it, Own it, Wear it Esque it



Brittni Yurchak joins the WayForward family

Mindful Health, LLC
"Believe in your power to heal"
Brittni Yurchak
Certified Integrative Holistic Health & Wellness Coach
Soquel, CA. 95073
Cell: 831-818-8620
Fax: 831-480-5823
Website: Mindfulhealth.us
Tarah Rocha joins theWayForward as an Ambassador.
helping us with connection and community all over the world.

The disc Find You...

Kati Aronson

The inspiration behind TheWayForward Collaborative...the organisation created to give women hope that their life in business or personal can be made better...so they can be the best they can be..and help others because they are successful...and have a media voice. (radio/tv/magazines)
Maria Z

of Maria's Universe enjoying herself:
She is on air soon: all about Hugging Trees

The dream team together for a special session of their wonderful spiritual sessions
all about Heart Soul and Sensuality. Coming soon
Menopause Matters

Shelley Chapman The Menopause Matters Supremo will be providing her special form of aid Monthly

Laxmi Kaur Sacred Song Singer
Niina of Akasha Sound Temple becomes our Ambassador for The Way Forward.

Akasha Sound. Healing through Sacred Sound of Singing Bowls, Gongs and mantras.
Courses Available


Build a reputation...be noticed...become an expert
Have a voice people want to listen to

Make your followers, make you money...

We help you make that dream come true. Find your niche and the way forward

We can show you where it is, and how to plan and get it
(In association with CNT Associates)

Each on a different coloured background pls.

For more information email info@thewayforward.org.uk

Not just Yoga | Not just Fitness
A Wonderful Wellness and Wellbeing

Website – www.menopausehelp.org

‘Menopause Matters, How to Master the Menopause, Survive, Thrive & Feel Alive’ – Paperback Version http://amzn.eu/55VFZGF

‘Menopause Matters, How to Master the Menopause, Survive, Thrive & Feel Alive’ – Kindle Version http://amzn.eu/5eSLYIH

‘A-Z of Menopause Symptoms, Remedies & Solutions’ – Kindle Only

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/practicalmenopausehelp

Facebook Closed Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/MenopauseHelp/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/shelley_menopause_help/
Angelique Tsang

The Ageless Generation.
Angelique wants to help women over 40 realise they are
in the best time of their lives.

She wants to hear from you..and give you help info@thewayforward.org.uk

Women of Contribution
Please join...the more people we know the stronger we become
unite energy.


Amber-Lauren's paintings

How to do Holistic Breathing

Martin Jones shows how this simple breathing technique took him from near death to lively and vibrant. He had Limes Disease.

Try it...it will change how you feel.

Learn how to do Holographic Breathing

Life According to Niina

The amazing way to wake up and feel great every day. Listen it will change your life for the better!

Luxury Fashion Networking
Izabela Calik is a London based jewellery designer and the owner of IC Luxury Fashion Networking Club.

Her work has been published several times in Vogue Magazine and her jewellery is available on
high-end international market: London, Scotland, Poland, Spain – Puerto Banus in Marbella or luxury boutiques in Ibiza harbour in Las Salinas.

Whilst developing her career, she realised that to grow in this industry you need lots of contacts and as many opportunities as possible to expose your work and products. I currently collaborate with celebrity stylists, bloggers, creative team, fashion buyers, shop and showroom owners
, fashionistas and fashion influences.

'I know how difficult is to gain the contacts, especially for independent designers and businesses. For this
reason I have created luxury networking membership club for fashion brands and designers, to connect designers/brands with right network.

We organise for our
members private fashion exhibitions where you can promote / sell your products to high profile audience: fashion lovers, celebrity stylists, bloggers, editors, media, photographers, PR agencies, magazines, members of London private Clubs.

TheWayForward Virtual Clinic

In response to your queries we have set up this Virtual clinic where you can find experts who can help you with
whatever issues you have. Physical meetings are not always possible, however the experts we have collected can and do sessions by Skype/Zoom so you may remain in the comfort of your home

Intial contact with all the experts is FREE. However if you require further treatment then there will be a cost and that is to be discussed with whomever you are seeing

Auraphotography and Aura Reading

Acupressure Seated onsite Massage

Yumiko Yoshinari
Bachflower Remedy
Jikiden Reiki

Sarena Baxter
Bowen Technique BAuk Practitioner

Cheli Mula
Brazilian Waxing
Maxichta Pahtli

Miki Ettore
Cranio Sacral Therapy

Ashley Jones
EFT / Intuitive Life Coaching /Tantra/Massage

Energy Healing

Cheli Mula
Face Rejuvenation Massage

Rainer Knupp
Feldenkrais Method®

Cheli Mula
Holistic Deep Tissue Massage

Helen Craven

Cheli Mula
Carlyse Smyth

Jin Shin Jyutsu® -
Cheli Mula chelimula@hotmail.com
Carlyse Smyth csmythjsj@yahoo.com

Yumiko Yoshinari

Jikiden Reiki Healing




Claudia Benson
Kinesiology Allergy and Stress

Cheli Mula
Mexikha Pahlti

Migun Thermal Massage

Sharon Strahan
Registered Nutritional Therapist and Certified Health Coach -THRIVE

Joanne Lee Philpott
Future Life Progression

Kundalini Kriya yoga

Helen Craven
Pastlife Regression
Hypno Therapy


Nicki Thorogood

Cheli Mula


Miki Ettore


Anna Fra

Shiv yoga healing

Soul healing Master Sha's Divine healing hands

(30 minute) session

Reconnective Healing
Brings you back in to balance by connecting you to the source of all healing - The Universe
Enhances and accelerates your healing - physical, mental, spiritual and/or emotional.
Makes you better able to deal with stress and conflict situations.
Removes trauma in a non-traumatic way.
Assists those in recovery from drug/alcohol afflictions..
Removes emotional blocks/interference.
Enhances mental processes.
Helps the creative process.
Instils confidence, self-worth, self-belief, clarity, focus.
Repairs damaged DNA
Make the change today as you never know if you have tomorrow!

With the virtual clinic, you get healing no matter where you are in the world!

Kevin Whitcher
Energy Healing using Time Waver technology Stressbusting


Thai Yoga Massage
Closing the Bones Method

Gem elixirs are grounding and are a great way to feel a deeper connection to the earth. The core of our earth is filled with crystal beauty, we walk upon their energy daily. The crystal caves wrap their precious light around our planet offering us safety and connection, but do we always listen?

Silent Moon Gem Elixirs......
When you take 4-7 drops 3 x a day on the tongue or in water or even in the bath you will receive their deeper healing benefits and I am happy to say that two of my, what I call ancient elixirs have been recreated this bud moon. Lapis for the second time and Tibetan Quartz for the third:
Here are the healing benefits they offer....
‘I accept myself just as I am, acknowledging the strength that comes from my higher self.’
Precision and accuracy in all areas of life
Spiritual confidence
Helps you see that magic is a part of everyday living
Brings out the ability to manifest more fully
Roots you to a sense of the right place
Placing ones self in ancient knowledge
The Alchemist and the Weaver
When it is time to understand and nurture your true life purpose

What People say about Lapis.....

'I have been searching for ways to unlock untapped potential. Indra’s lapis elixir not only unlocked some of that potential but made it readily available for immediate use. Indra’s Silent Moon Elixirs have truly helped me advance my life and the life I wish to create'..... Jason Pekul

Tibetan Quartz
‘My inner ancient wisdom opens doors to my future.’
Brings awareness of inner wisdom and ancient self
An understanding of past lives and an openness to receive this information
Acknowledgement of future soul path and soul journey
Paints a picture of your highest truth
Come home to the self
Connects the dots of your life
Understanding of your bigger life picture

What people say about Tibetan Quartz....
'The second elixir I picked, upon intuition, was the Tibetan Quartz. Indra explained to me that this one was about healing past lives, or bringing up past lives.
So I started with the drops in the morning and at night, and oh boy was I in for a ride…
This one was completely different from the rose quartz, and looking back I am very thankful for the journey I had with this one, albeit at the time, it didn’t feel easy!
It made me feel a little agitated in myself, I was snappy and felt there were things that I needed to process in order to move forward. I felt that I had to mediate quite a lot whilst taking this. I contacted Indra straight away, she assured me that this was normal and that the elixir was definitely working. It felt really good to be able to contact her because she was so supportive, and when I said ‘oh why can’t this be like the rose’ she simply helped me to see that life isn’t and can’t always be like that.
Just from those words I learnt so much and realised that I had to step out of the nest that I found myself clinging to.
I found with the tibetan quartz that you felt the benefits of the elixir afterwards, and upon reflection. Although it felt tough at times, it was definitely needed for me to process things which I didn’t even know were there. So this elixir proved to be a very powerful experience for me.'... Stef Jones

I love this work. Thank you for being part of the journey.
Crystals are one of the best ways to connect us with the earth. When we feel all up in the head and our mood is airy and un grounded
( not my fav word ) then crystals have the ability to bring us into balance.
I mean it is all very nice to be connected to the stars but it
doesn’t always help us when we need to get on with our daily tasks on this planet.

If you feel drawn to these two 'Ancient' gem elixirs then here is an offer for you. You can receive both elixirs postage free anywhere in the world. All you have to do is DONATE £23.90 HERE at the bottom of my homepage and I will do the rest. This gives you the opportunity to experience the depths of where these ancient gems can take you on an internal level. I can also guarantee that both these two new elixirs pack a bunch. So while you are taking please remember to keep a journal of the shifts and changes that are being made. This will support you in seeing the outstanding results of SMI elixirs and offerings.

And finally please use hashtag silentmoonhealing when including any SMI offerings on instagram. This will support us with increased engagement.

Thank you.
MoonLite Blessings

I x Full Moon 19th Feb 2019 15:53 UK
A little PS reminder: We have almost ONE month remaining of our WoW Three early bird offer.
So if you are thinking about joining us in the idyllic Lake District UK then please click HERE for more detail

​​​CORINTHIANS 1:13:13
Faith Hope and Love. The greatest of which is Love

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